Pin Box System

Item Number: 14-8740
Mfg No:RPB72-1621HD-05
Wt: 156.00
UPC: 094922907974
SKU: 14-8740
Manufacturer: MOR-RYDE

Lippert 1621, HD, SHD M/R Base-05 GVWR 14,001 to 18,000 Leave rough towing behind with MOR/ryde's revolutionary Pin Box System. It's advanced rubber shear spring workd to absorb towing shock for more comfortable, stress free travel. Installation couldn't be easier, using the existing bolt holes, the MOR/ryde Pin Box System replaces the stock product in less than an hour. Greatly reduced back and forth chucking and jerking. Cushioned sensation over uneven road conditions. Jerk free starts and stops. Smoother, more comfortable in cab ride. MOR/ryde's rubber shear spring works in a horizontal planar motion (both longitudinally and laterally) to absorb towing shock and effectively diminish the transfer of forces from trailer to truck.